Petpal Wifi Cat Feeder Review

Our feline friends love nothing more than hunting the house for more food to eat, this however, is no good for them, as they can quickly pile on the pounds and this may go on to cause them health problems. We as their loyal owners have to do all we can to prevent them from putting on weight and what could be a better way than using an automatic cat feeder. They really do work and your pets will have a regular, custom portioned, supply of food, which you can set and forget.

The Petpal Wifi Feeder is amazing you really are going to be very impressed with all of the features it has to offer you and your feline friend.

This automatic cat food dispenser allows you to connect the feeder to a wifi network. You can feed your pets from wherever you happen to be, using your tablet or a smart phone. This really is very impressive just imagine being able to control what food you give your cat, when you’re not even in the house.


You can control the Petpal automamic pet food dispenser by wifi and apps.
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With the Petpal Wifi Feeder you will be able to program a feeding schedule for your cats.This item will automatically go on to feed your pet up to five times per day. You can also feed your pet manually with a remote application. You can do this by using apps on your Android device or also on an iOs.

The Petpal Wifi Feeder also has another added bonus, this is unbelievable, get this, you can listen and also speak to your kitten while you’re out of the house using the speaker and the microphone that comes with the product. Just imagine being able to speak to your kitten when you’re away from home, it really would be awesome.

You can watch your pets thanks to the camera, you will be able to record your kitty, and take pictures of your feline, when you’re not even there.

This automatic pet food dispenser is so easy to use and is very straightforward to assemble and also to disassemble.

So if you love the thought of being able to feed, watch and talk to your kittens when you’re away from home, what could be better than the Petpal Wifi Feeder? For a real catlady (or catman), this would be amazing.

So if you feel as though you absolutely need one of these, you’re going to want to learn more about it. Well let’s take a closer look at what this clever device has to offer you and also your feline friend.

Product description

Petpal Wifi remote feeder with apps. Cats love it!
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The Petpal is genius, and for a feline lover this absolutely has to be the way to go, we love our cats and hate it when we have to leave them, so being able to look at them, and talk to them, when we’re away from home would be amazing.

With the Petpal Wifi Feeder you will be able to feed your cat remotely by using your smart phone, tablet, Android or iOs.

This automatic pet feeder has four main parts these include the top, the hopper, which is also known as the food container, the actual body and also the bowl.

The top part is where all the electronics are, and these include the speaker, the camera, the microphone, the motor, and also the wifi-electronics.

The hopper is made of stainless steel and this is the tube that holds your cat’s kibbles. The body on this device is great looking, so too is the bowl, that your cat will eat from.

With the Petpal  you will be able to program the feeder to feed your cat up to five times a day, you can also feed your cat remotely using an app on your Smart phone or tablet.

Petpal wifi app review


The Petpal Wifi Feeder has a non jamming technology and this is found in the hopper of this clever device.  The hopper is the place where your cat’s kibbles are kept, the hopper measures 9” x 11” there is also a stainless steel plate that screws all the way up, in order to push the kibbles over the top. There is an s shaped spinning piece that’s located on the top of the hopper, this is made from stainless steel and this is used to distribute the kibbles.

You may have thought this mechanism would have been an auger but it isn’t it’s a new system that prevents kibbles from getting stuck, for continuous food distribution.

The top part of the Petpal Wifi Feeder fits perfectly onto the body which is made from stainless steel and is secured together by using two pins.

You connect with your beloved feline with the wifi network and you can interact with him/her through apps. You will be able to watch your pet actually eating their food, you get to record your mr(s). Mittens and you can also take a picture of your pet. You will be able to chat to your pets so they don’t feel alone if you are away for the day.  The feeder contains a microphone so you can hear their purrs of satisfaction.

Petpal wifi camera webcam review
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You can program this unit to feed your cat up to five times in a day within a 24 hour period. You can also manual feed your cat remotely through apps from anywhere you are. It doesn’t matter if the internet is down as the Petpal will still be able to feed your pet automatically.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits that the Petpal Wifi Feeder has to offer.

Features and benefits

  • You can connect to any wifi network.
  • You can use this automatic cat feeder with Android or iOs apps.
  • The feeder dispenses food automatically.
  • You can feed your cat up to five times a day.
  • You can adjust the food amounts.
  • You can also manually feed your pets with this product.
  • The Petpa  has a camera, a speaker and a microphone, so you can talk, watch and video your feline friend.
  • It has a micro SD card slot.
  • The Petpal has a motion sensor so that you can record a 30 second video of your beloved feline, every time movement is sensed.
  • You receive an email alert when your cat’s food is running low.
  • The food bowl is removable.
  • The feeder itself is waterproof.
  • The feeder has night vision.
  • The Petpal Wifi Feeder is very easy to assemble and also disassemble.
  • It has a non jamming system.
  • The feeder is made from stainless steel.


Dimensions: 15” x 11” x 26”

Warranty and Guarantee

This product comes with a 1 year manufactures guarantee.

Now let’s take a look at some of the good and bad points.

The good

  • The Petpal Wifi Feeder is very strong and durable.
  • You can adjust the amount of food you want the machine to dispense.
  • You can choose how many meals you want the feeder to give daily.
  • This automatic cat feeder is highly reliable.
  • This product is non jamming.
  • You can interact with your petremotely.
  • You can video your cat.
  • You can manually dispense extra food anytime and anywhere via Smartphone or Tablet.
  • You can use the Petpal Wifi Feeder outdoors.
  • It has a stainless steel bowl so is great if your cat is allergic to plastic.
  • This device is paw proof no kitty can get into this feeder.
  • You receive email alerts when the food supply is running low.
  • The Petpal Wifi Feeder is very easy to clean.
  • When you purchase this product you will receive excellent customer service.

The bad

  • This feeder is made from stainless steel and so your pet may get startled when they see their own reflection.
  • If you are feeding small amounts of food, the bowl is a little large.
  • This device doesn’t have a battery power back up.
  • You will need good internet connection.
  • You cannot use the microphone and the speakers together you can either use the talk option, or the listen button.
  • It is a little expensive but definitely worth it for the wifi connection.


Petpal Wifi Automatic Cat food dispenserReviews
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As catladies the thought of being able to watch and speak to our beloved felines when we’re out of the house, is a dream come true. We love our cats and being able to control what they eat, will make a huge difference to their health. The Petpal Wifi Feeder really is the way to go if you want to be able to watch and talk to your pets when you’re away from home.

So if you’re looking to regulate your cat’s food intake the Petpal Wifi Feeder really will be able to help you.

You will love it and your feline companion will love it too, it really is amazing, and you and your feline friend will be able to communicate with each other at any time of the day, and for a catlady (m/f), this is priceless!




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