We all know that cats are great pets. They purr, they love to cuddle and they will let you rub their belly. Sometimes. But unlike dogs, kitties poop inside. This is why every cat owner has to find a way to deal with a litter mess and unpleasant odor. Plus cat’s feces is full of bacteria! One of the ways to solve this kitty “toilet” issue is to invest in the Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box. (See on Amazon)This revolutionary cat box will prevent odors, keep the litter from getting around the house and prevent bacteria growth. The best thing is that you won’t have to touch the waste while cleaning the litter. What a relief for all squeamish cat owners.

Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box Review


If you dislike cleaning dirty litter after your cat Quick Clean Cat Litter Box is the right product for you. It has a sifting system built in, so you won’t have to use the scooper ever again! After your kitty finishes her thing wait for 15-20 minutes for urine to form hard clumps. Put your hands on the side of drum and rotate it slowly one time. Go a little bit further, until the waste drawer is placed to one o’ clock position. Then bring the drum back to the neutral position. The waste drawer should be at three o’ clock. Hit the drum firmly just above the drawer, to make sure that all of the waste fell in. Just with one rotation you will sift the entire litter. Clumps are large, so they won’t be able to go through the sifter. Instead, they will fall into the separate waste drawer. On the other hand, small granules of clean litter will easily go through, so they will be ready for another use. This method saves on the clean litter because only the refuse is being thrown away.

Since cats like to dig, open cat boxes won’t prevent the litter dust and granules from getting to the floor. The Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box has enclosed design which will prevent odor and litter mess. The drum will also give the kitty enough privacy, so even the shyest cats will love it. The opening is wide enough for felines that weigh up to 16 pounds. Average male domestic cat weighs 8-10 pounds, so even the chubby felines are welcome to use this cat “toilet”.

Assembling the Litter Spinner Quick Clean is quite easy. You won’t have to use power tools. A small screwdriver is all you are going to need. After the product is fully assembled, fill it up with your kitty’s favorite clumping litter. Use the one with small to medium granules, because large granules might get stuck into the sifter. There is a litter level line inside the drum, so it will be easy for you to determine the right amount of litter.

This product is made of 100% recycled high-quality plastic so it is environment-friendly. It is water, weather, scratching and stain resistant. Also, it is odor and leak proof. It is very important for any pet product to have these characteristics. The Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box is very easy to maintain. When the waste drawer is full, just empty it without touching the refuse. If you want to change the entire litter, take the drum off the base and remove a drain plug on the back. When the drum is empty, all you are going to need for thorough cleaning is a soap and a warm water.

 Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box Review
This Litter Spinner is made from recycled materials. Check for more info and pricing on Amazon

The Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box can be placed anywhere in the apartment, even on your balcony. It does not require electrical power and extension cords in order to work. If you have more than one cat, fine. Just spin the drum once per day per cat. More cats mean more waste, so you should clean the box more frequently.This kitty toilet is a durable long-lasting product that can solve your kitty litter problems for good.

The downside of this cat box is that you have to turn the drum manually. So, if you plan to go on a short trip, you will have to ask someone to clean the kitty’s litter instead of you. Although it seems like bugging at first, having a friend or a family member to visit your cat daily will prevent her from feeling lonely and depressed. Your kitty will be grateful for a company while you are away.

Watch the video below to see how the Litter Spinner Quick Clean Works


  • Suitable for multiple cats households
  • Requires cleaning (spinning) once a day per cat
  • Suitable for cats that weigh up to 16 pounds
  • Works with any clumping cat litter that has small or medium granules
  • Litter level line in the drum, for the optimal amount of litter
  • Suitable for 8 lbs of natural cat litter or 9-10 lbs of clay cat litter
  • Has separate waste drawer for the refuse
  • Clump stick for dislodging clumps if they stick to the wall of the drum
  • Notches on the side of the drum for easier spinning and extra stability
  • Made of high-quality recycled polypropylene
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions of the product: 18 inches W x 20 inches H x 14.5 inches D
  • Dimensions of the opening: 7 ¼ inches
  • Weight of the product: 9.5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 10 pounds
  • Color: black


Quick Clean Cat Litter Box comes with a one-year warranty.

The Good

  • Easy to use – just spin it once a day (per cat). If you have more than one cat, you will have to rotate the drum several times a day
  • Suitable even for larger cats
  • You don’t have to touch the poop
  • Your kitty will have enough privacy since the product is enclosed
  • The drum will prevent spilling of the litter, litter dust and litter mess
  • Sifting system saves on the amount of the clean litter. Only clumped and used litter will be thrown away
  • It is designed to minimize the odor
  • It doesn’t require electric power, so you won’t need additional power cords in your house
  • Safe for cats since it can’t get activated by itself
  • The Litter Spinner is not noisy
  • Can be placed on the balcony. It is water and weather resistant
  • Eco-friendly cat box. Made of 100% recycled materials.

The bad

  • Needs to be assembled. However, the assembling process is quite simple. There is no need for power tools, just for the screwdriver
  • The Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box is not a good solution when you are away for a few days because you have to rotate the drum manually.


 Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box Review white
Check for more info and pricing on Amazon

If you are looking for a long-lasting and reliable way to solve cat litter problems, this product might be the right thing for your kitty. It separates dirty clumps from clean litter with just one spin of the drum. And the best of all is that you can empty the waste drawer without the need to touch the poop. Due to its enclosed design the Litter Spinner Quick Clean Cat Litter Box will prevent odor and litter dust from getting around the house. The opening is large enough for cats that weigh up to 16 pounds. It can be used in single cat or multiple cat households. Just clean it once a day, per cat. Since it is made of durable recycled polypropylene, this cat box is water, weather and scratching resistant. It is also environment-friendly. It can be placed anywhere in the house because it doesn’t need power cords and cables.



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