Littermaid LM680C Review


There are a few things that every responsible cat owner has to do to keep their feline beauty happy and healthy. Cleaning their litter box is certainly one of them. Kitties really hate dirty litter boxes! So, if you own a cat, you should find an easy and reliable way to make sure that she always has a clean place to go. Even when you are away, sick or sleepy. Always. Automatic litter boxes can be a great solution for this issue.

For example, if you invest in the Littermaid LM680C, it will start the cleaning cycle every time the kitty leaves the unit. Waste will be separated to a special sealed receptacle, so you won’t have to worry about dirty litter or bad smells caused by feces. Instead, you will know that the automatic cat litter box took care of everything.

This product is perfect for cat owners that travel a lot or work extra hours. It is also helpful for pregnant women or physically challenged people. But don’t worry, you don’t have to fall into any of these categories to experience benefits of this self cleaning litter box. Lazy cat owners love it, too.

Product description

Littermaid LM680C review
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The Littermaid LM680C is designed to suit perfectly to cats up to 15 pounds. The unit is not bulky, so it is the best to be used in single cat households. When you assemble the product place it somewhere near the power socket, since it works on electric current. Fill it up with any premium fast clumping litter. Be careful not to pour above the maximum litter line marked on the sides. If you overfill the tray, the rake might jam during the cleaning cycle.

After the feline gets out of the unit, she will activate motion sensors which will cause the timer countdown. The timer is set for 10 minutes so hard clumps can be formed. After that amount of time, the rake will start moving and separating clumped waste from the clean litter. When it reaches the other side of the tray, the rake will put the refuse into the waste receptacle. Now the box is ready to be used again.

To make sure that there is no odor in your house, the Littermaid LM680C has a carbon filter built-in in the waste compartment. It will neutralize the bad smells and prevent them from getting out. Also, litter mess can be quite an issue since cats often carry granules through the house on their paws. That is why a carpeted ramp was added to this model. While leaving the unit, your kitty will wipe her paws off this mat.

The LM680C has a beautiful and practical design. It comes in a neutral combination of light gray and light blue so it will beautifully fit into any apartment. It is not bulky, but it has high side walls that will prevent litter mess. Cats are well-known diggers, but these walls will keep the granules from flying around. Now you might be wondering will your cat accept this gadget. Well, since it looks like a regular litter box, the kitty should be adjusted to her new “potty” in no time. However, some kitties are very fussy so patience might be required.

Maintenance of the Littermaid LM680C is really simple. Once in every 5-7 days, you will need to change the waste receptacle. Also, you will need to replace the entire litter from time to time. If necessary, the plastic rake can be removed from the unit and washed separately. This automatic cat box comes with A/C adapter, carpeted ramp, 8 spare carbon filters and 8 spare waste receptacles that are all included in the price. It works on electrical power, but there is a backup battery option in case of an outage.

The amount and quality of the litter used are crucial for proper functioning of Littermaid LM680C. Here are some suggestions about the cat litter:

  • Don’t fill the tray above the max litter line. It will stop the cleaning cycle because the rake is not designed to go through that amount of litter.
  • Use fast clumping litter. The clumps should be formed in about 10 minutes.
  • Use hard clumping litter. If the clumps are not hard enough, they might shatter.
  • Use a premium quality litter that won’t stick to the rake. If the rake becomes dirty, just detach it from the unit and clean it with soap and water.

Littermaid LM680C will make your cat ownership easier because you won’t have that much work around your kitty’s box. However, minimal work is required once in a while, like changing the waste receptacle and filling the box with a new, clean litter. But, all the scooping is done automatically. So, basically, you can forget about the dirty work for 5-7 days, until it is time to change the receptacle.


  • Single cat electronic litter box
  • Designed for cats that weigh less than 15 pounds
  • Removable plastic rake
  • Closed waste receptacle
  • Motion sensors that activate timer countdown
  • Timer is set for 10 minutes after the kitty leaves the unit
  • Carbon filter for odor reduction
  • Pow cleaning ramp with carpeted surface at the entrance/exit
  • High side walls
  • Maximum litter line
  • Littermaid LM680C comes with A/C adapter, 8 extra carbon filters, 8 extra waste receptacles and a paw cleaning ramp
  • Has the backup battery option
  • Made of sturdy and durable plastic
  • Dimensions: 17.8 inches W x 24.6 inches L x 10 inches H
  • Product weight: 13.1 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 16 pounds
  • Color: combination of light gray and light blue


he Littermaid LM680C has a limited one year warranty for US and Canada customers. Also, there is a free 800 number available for any type of assistance and service related to this purchase.

The Good

  • Scoops dirty clumps automatically
  • Your feline will always have clean and fresh place to relieve, even when you are not at home
  • Odor will be neutralized and kept in waste receptacle with special carbon filter
  • You will always know how much to fill the tray. It has maximum litter indicator. If you overfill the unit, the comb won’t be able to rake through and finish the sweeping cycle
  • Granules won’t get transferred to the floor on your kitty’s paws after she walks on carpeted ramp
  • When the cat digs high walls will keep the litter granules and dust inside
  • In the case of a power outage, Littermaid LM680C can work on batteries
  • Built-in timer will give enough time for the urine to form compact clumps
  • It is very simple to change the waste receptacles
  • Rake is very easy to clean. It can be removed from the unit and washed separately.
  • Your cat will love to use it because it resembles regular litter boxes.

The bad

  • If you put too much litter inside, the rake might jam. Just fill it up to the maximum litter line.
  • Not suitable for cats heavier than 15 pounds.
  • Not suitable for multiple cats households.



LM680C review
Read more customer reviews and see price on Amazon

Every responsible cat owner should make sure that his kitty has a clean and fresh place to relieve 24/7. But, nobody can sit at home day and night, waiting for his furry friend to do her business. That is why you should get a high-quality automatic litter box, like the Littermaid LM680C for example. Whenever the kitty goes, she will trigger motion sensors. They will activate the timer. The cleaning cycle will start 10 minutes after the cat leaves the tray. Rake will sweep through the litter, separating the clumps into the waste receptacle. The waste will be sealed, so bad smells will be able to get out. For additional odor control, there is a carbon filter on the lid of the waste drawer. The good thing about Littermaid LM680C is that it works with any type of premium fast clumping litter. It also has high walls and paw cleaning ramp to prevent the granules from getting to the floor. This automatic cat box can’t be stopped even with a power outage, because it has the backup battery option.



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