So you like fashion. And you like cats. Let’s combine the two. In this post, we’ve collected a whole lotta clothing and costumes for cats. After all, it doesn’t get any better than a pirate kitty.These outfits won’t break your bank either. Most of these apparel items are around 10$.


12 Amazing Costumes For Cats


1. Sailorcat

Howdy Sailor! This Namsan Sailor Costume is pretty darn cute. And it’s the same as this post’s featured image

You can check out more pictures and get it here on Amazon.







2. Lion Mane

Lion Mane Costume for Cats. Check it out:

Rawr! For those little big kitties. Channel your inner lion with these awesome manes.

Check on Amazon for more pictures and availability.







3. Moose Horns

Moose Horn costume for your kitty cat. Check it out:! It looks like a reindeer.. but it’s so small. And it meows. What is this magical animal?

What! A kitty you say? Impossible! Check on Amazon for more pictures and pricing information.




4. Dinosaur Costume

Check it out:

Run for your lives! It’s the cutest dinosaur ever!

Watch out for his sharp teeth and huge claws.

Click on the link to find out more about the rare and near extinct Tyrannomeowus Rex costume.







5.  Rabbit Outfit

Check it out: Sometimes your kitten needs to channel its inner rabbit. Fortunately, that is now completely possible. Check it out on Amazon







6. Princess Leia

Check it out:

Luke! I am your sister.

Did you know there is an 86% chance your pet is a secret star wars fan? Me neither, until I just made this up.

Anyway, you can check out more pictures & buy it here







7. Bee Cat Apparel

Check it out: happens if you cross a bee and a kitten?

No idea.

But I bet looks something like this. Bzzz-meow? Bzzz-meow!

Check out more pictures & order it here






8. Jester Outfit

Check it out:

All hail, Sir Cath of Purr and his faithful jester. If your pet isn’t entertaining you enough already, give him or her that edge with this jester outfit.

Rumor has it that your feline will start dancing and juggling, but only when you’re not watching.

Check it out here.





9. Panda

Check it out:

Although we suspect it´s a lion´s mane costume with different colours, that doesn´t kill the fun.

Perfect fit for neutered felines that like to do nothing but lie around and eat. Just like real panda´s.

Check out more pictures & buy it here





10. Princess / Wedding Dress

Dresses for Cats: Check it out:

So you’re getting married, and you’ve decided your feline to be your bridesmaid.

Or you’re getting married to your pet. We don’t judge.

Make her (or him) look the part by dressing your kitty up in this amazing costume.

More pictures and information here




11. Groom / Tuxedo

Cat Tuxedo: Check it out:

James Bond move over! We’ve got a cool cat with slick moves and he’s right on your tail. Also,  it makes a set with #10.


Look at more purdy pictures and details here





12. The Peacock

Peacock Costume for your Cat. Check it out:

Well, this one is interesting! I wonder who comes up with these outfits. “Hey, you know what would be great? Imagine a peacock, but then it’s actually a kitty!.”

Take it easy on the catnip there, buddy.

If you do happen to like this particular cat-peacock-clothing scheme, you can order it here




And that concludes today’s post on kitty clothes. If you have any questions please ask them in the comment section.