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Arm & Hammer Automatic Litter Box Review

Self cleaning cat litter bpx

During the process of domestication, indoor members of feline family gradually accepted rules that humans imposed to them. Including litter boxes. Because of that, owning a cat requires much less of your time and attention than owning a dog.

You don’t have to take your kitty out whenever she needs to relieve. But, there are some other tasks related to cat ownership. Litter box cleaning for example. You will have to scoop daily, or even twice a day. If you have more than one cat, scooping work will multiply, too.

Besides, dirty litter is full of bacteria that can easily transfer into the human body. This can be especially harmful to people with impaired immunity and pregnant women. If you use an automatic litter box like the Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box (see on Amazon), it will separate the waste into the closed compartment, so you won’t have to put your fingers around cat feces. The odor will be minimized, and your kitty will always have a fresh “toilet”.

Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box Review


Self cleaning cat litter bpx
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The Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box was created to help cat owners with keeping the cat box tidy. This electronic litter box works well in single cat and multiple cat households. The product is really simple to assemble and comes with instructions provided. There is a step-by-step YouTube video which can be helpful. Everything can be put together on-click, so you won’t need to use any tools.


While assembling the Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box, you will notice that it has 2-in-1 Odor Elimination system. The first line of defense is the liner placed in the waste compartment. It will absorb bad smells and keep them locked in.

For an extra odor elimination, there is a baking soda filter. This filter neutralizes everything that goes through the liner. With double odor protection, your house will always smell good. You won’t need to spend your money on additional air refreshers.

arm and hammer litter disposal system
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It is very important to fill the tray with the right amount of litter. You should pour somewhere between two min/max lines on the sides. The brand of the litter used is not significant, as long as it can form hard clumps.

When the kitty relieves, the clumped urine and feces will be picked up with a movable rake and sent into the waste receptacle. This is a simple but effective way to separate the refuse from the clean litter.

how to program the arm and hammer
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When programming the unit, you can set it to be active every 1, 4 or 8 hours. The frequency of cleaning should be higher if you have more cats. Some cat owners prefer automatic litter boxes that activate after every use, but you can always run additional cleaning cycle manually.

Although Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box is already less noisy than similar products, sleep mode will keep the unit completely inactive during the night. Also, there are infra-red motion sensors that will stop the rake from moving backward if the kitty reenters while cleaning. This is very important for your pet’s safety.

motor arm and hammer litter box
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Maintenance of this product is simple since the motor can be detached with a click. This means that you can wash it with soap and water when you remove the motor.

You won’t have to fear that you will damage sensitive electronic parts. The rake is also removable because it might need more frequent washing.


  • Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box is assembled on-click. No tools are needed.
  • You can use any brand of hard clumping litter.
  • Can be used in multiple cat households.
  • Special waste receptacle liner that absorbs the bad smell.
  • Baking soda filters for additional odor elimination. The filters are safe for the environment.
  • Odor filter should be changed monthly if you have one cat.
  • The cleaning cycle activates on timer. It can be set to sweep hourly, or it can be programmed to rake every 4 or 8 hours.
  • The cleaning cycle can also be started manually.
  • Light indicators, so you know how the timer is set.
  • The unit has a sleep mode
  • Infra-red motion sensors for safety. They will stop the rake if the cat enters.
  • Min and max fill lines for the optimal amount of litter
  • Motor can be detached so the unit can be cleaned with soap and water
  • The rake is removable, for more frequent cleaning
  • The rake is made of non-stick material
  • One baking soda filter and three spare liners are included in the price
  • The Instruction Book with detailed instructions is also provided
  • Dimensions of the product: 23 inches L x 18.2 inches W x 9.6 inches H
  • Product weight: 11.7 pounds (13.4 pounds shipping weight)


The Good

  • Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box is easy to assemble
  • It will scoop your kitty’s waste instead of you
  • You won’t have to get in contact with bacteria from the dirty litter. You can change the waste liner without touching the poop.
  • 2-in-1 Odor Elimination system prevents odor from spreading around the house
  • Baking soda filters won’t impair yours or your pet’s health
  • Waste liners additionally neutralize the odor
  • You can choose the interval of cleaning by setting this automatic cat box to activate at every 1, 4 or 8 hours
  • If you have more than one cat, you can use Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box. Just program the timer to more frequent cleaning.
  • When you need some peace and quiet, set the unit on the sleep mode
  • Motion sensors will stop the rake from going backward if the kitty enters the tray
  • When you want to clean the unit thoroughly, just detach the motor
  • Saves you money because it doesn’t require expensive litter brands. It is only important that the litter forms hard clumps so they won’t scatter.

The Bad

  • Fixed timer settings. The cleaning cycle is not triggered by the cat.
  • Motor is less powerful when compared with similar products
  • Safety sensors can fail sometimes


Self cleaning cat litter box
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The Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box is an automatic cat box that is easy to assemble and to maintain.

It has numerous great features like the waste liner, baking soda odor filter, detachable motor, safety infra-red sensors, just to name a few.

When you program the unit, you can set it to clean every 1, 4 or 8 hours. You can also initiate the cleaning cycle manually or set it to the sleep mode during the night.

Whenever the timer activates the box, the rake will go through the litter separating the waste. The waste will be placed in a liner which will prevent the odor fr

om getting out. It also has additional baking soda odor filter that is safe for the environment. The unit has a beautiful design, and it can fit in any décor. Replacing the waste liner is hygienic, and it won’t require you to touch the waste.

The Arm & Hammer Quiet No Odor Litter Box is not noisy for and automatic cat box so it won’t traumatize the kitty. It can be used in single cat or multiple cat households. If you don’t want to get in contact with harmful bacteria every day when you scoop manually, you should consider getting this kind of product.

Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

If you own a cat for quite some time you are probably sick and tired of scooping by now. Once or twice a day, you have to mess with the dirty litter. Putting your face near this smelly area while the litter dust flies around is certainly not how you imagined cat ownership. And it is also not good for your health. But, in order to keep your kitty happy you just have to do that. I mean HAD. Now there is a revolutionary Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box on the market. This product will solve all your scooping problems. You will not have to breathe in the litter dust while cleaning your kitty’s “potty” ever again. Instead, all you will have to do is roll the unit and empty the pullout scoop. Who would have thought that cleaning the dirty litter box could be so easy?

Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box Review


Omega Paw Buy
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Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box uses interior grill system to separate the waste from the clean litter. After you assemble the unit, fill it with about two inches of cat litter. You can use either hard clumping litter or silica litter. Stick to the one that your kitty used before to make the transition to the new box more acceptable for her. Some kitties are very fussy when it comes to their “toilet” habits.

Since the Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box has an enclosed design, it will give enough privacy even to the shyest cats. It can be used in single or multiple cat households. The lid will prevent the litter dust and granules from flying around while your kitty digs. This is especially useful for felines that really like to pile the litter. If you want to prevent the litter mess completely, you can buy a paw cleaning mat and place it in front of the exit. Since this hole is the only way for your pet to get out, she will have to step on this mat.

Assembling Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box is very simple, and even a little girl can do it. It doesn’t require any tools or physical strength. When you put the lid on top, all clips will have to line up correctly. Otherwise, the product won’t work properly. Also, whenever you need to change the entire litter or clean the unit, you should remove the top part.

How to Clean Omega Paw Litter Box
Just roll it over…

Here is how the interior grill system works. When the kitty relieves, it will take a minute or two for clumps to form, depending on which brand of litter you use. After that, you can start with manual self-cleaning. Roll over the box to the right, toward the side where the pullout scoop is placed. When you lean the box to this side, the entire amount of litter will go through the grill except the waste. The refuse will stay on top. Hit the bottom of the box gently to be sure that no waste sticks to it. Then return the box to its normal position. During the rollover, all of the refuse will fall into the removable scoop. All you will have to do now is to pull it out by the handle and throw the refuse away.

How to use Omega Paw Litter Box
…. and scoop it out.

Cat owners love this product because it is very simple and it has an acceptable price. There is no motor that can break down, so the unit is very durable. Also, no motor means no noise that can scare off your cat and disturb your sleep. You can place this cat box anywhere in the house since there are no cords or adapters connected to the unit. The best thing is that there are no hidden costs associated with Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box. You won’t have to buy spare cartridges, waste receptacles or liners, which are required for most automatic litter boxes. It won’t even increase your electric bill!

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying this product. It is a self-cleaning litter box, but you will have to roll it over manually. This means that you will have to do some work every day in order to keep it clean. But, you won’t have to inhale litter dust or put your fingers near the waste. It is much easier and hygienic to roll over the unit than to scoop manually.

If your kitty has to wear e-collar, she won’t be able to use the unit with the top part on. You will have to detach the lid every time she needs to go. Another solution would be to keep the cover off, and put it back only for the cleaning. Luckily, cones are temporary, so it will be just a small sacrifice that you will have to make for your pet’s health.

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  • Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box self-cleans when you roll it manually.
  • Works with any premium clumping litter brand. Also, you can use silica litter.
  • Enclosed design.
  • No tools required for assembling.
  • Interior grill system that separates clumps from the clean litter
  • Pullout scoop for the waste disposal
  • Made of easy to clean material
  • No cords or AC adapters. No batteries required.
  • Can be used in multiple cat households
  • Product dimensions: 23 inches x 19 inches x 18.5 inches
  • Product weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 6.8 pounds


Buy Omega Paw Litter BoxOmega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The Good

  • The price is affordable when compared with electric litter boxes. It costs as low as regular litter box.
  • No costly cartridges, waste receptacle replacements or liners.
  • Saves money on the clean litter.
  • Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box can be assembled in a few simple steps.
  • Shy cats will appreciate the privacy.
  • Short and simple cleaning process.
  • Doesn’t make any noise, since there is no motor in the unit.
  • The hood will prevent litter granules from getting out of the tray.
  • You will be able to continue using your kitty’s favorite litter brand as long as it is either hard clumping or silica
  • No dust will be flying around while the kitty digs.
  • The lid can be removed easily for occasional thorough cleaning and litter replacement.
  • Can be placed anywhere in the apartment since it doesn’t need to be near the socket.

The bad

  • Not suitable for cats when they have to wear e-collar (the cone)
  • You will have to roll the unit manually.
  • No odor filters built-in. You will have to wash the unit from time to time to prevent bed smells.


Omega Paw Litter Box
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If you are looking for the best balance between the price and the quality when buying a self cleaning litter box, Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box (get it here) might be the right product for you. It has interior grill system that will separate the waste into the pullout scoop whenever you roll over the unit. Then you just empty the scoop without the need to touch the refuse. You won’t get in contact with harmful bacteria or inhale litter dust. The enclosed design will prevent litter mess and keep your house tidy like you don’t have a cat at all. This product works with any premium clumping or silica litter. Even if you have more than one cat, Omega Paw Large Self Cleaning Litter Box is suitable for your household. You will just have to clean it more often. This cat box is not noisy, and even the shyest kitties feel comfortable using it.