Save time and stop cleaning the cat litter box. What? Yes. Really! The ScoopFree automatic litter box does all the work for you.

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

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If you have a cat, you are probably putting your nose and hands near your cat’s toilet at least once a day. Harmful bacteria and the litter dust are flying around the house every time the cat starts digging before she uses the litter box. To make sure that you will never have to go through this routine again, experts and feline lovers educated at MIT created the miraculous ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

This revolutionary auto litter box will also be your little helper while you are away from home, making sure that your house or apartment stays odor-free and preventing the litter dust from spilling around.

Product Description

scoopfree electric litter box
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The ScoopFree is fully automated, super simple and easy to use. Its bottom part is actually a removable tray cartridge filled with Premium Blue Crystal Litter. This crystal litter will immediately absorb the urine and successfully control the odor. Solid waste will be eliminated by built-in rake and locked into a special covered trap to prevent the unpleasant smell. The self-cleaning mechanism has an adjustable rake delay and it can be set to activate 5, 10 or 15 minutes after the cat has left the unit. The cleaning cycle is very short and it lasts less than one minute. Every 20-30 days you will have to change the cartridge by pulling the tray out and replacing with the new one.

The ScoopFree has several innovative features that will help both you and your cat. It comes with a privacy hood, so your cat can feel isolated and more comfortable while doing her thing. It also has a very useful health counter that tracks the frequency of use. Many feline health conditions are related to excessive urinating and defecating. This counter will help you notice changes in your cats’ daily routine, so you will be able to consult with a vet and prevent or treat the condition timely.

scoopfree automatic litter box
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You will not need tools or manuals to assemble the ScoopFree litter box.

Even a little girl can do it. Just take the unit out of the box, put it on top of the cartridge, gently press to click and plug it in. After you set the rake delay, this automatic litter box will be ready for your cat to use.



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  • Self-cleaning and fully automated electronic litter box
  • Easy to assemble
  • Disposable tray filled with Premium Blue Crystal Litter
  • Adjustable cleaning delay
  • Comes with privacy hood for the comfort of your cat
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Health counter to help you track the frequency of use
  • Locked compartment for solid waste
  • Dimensions without the hood: 19” H x 27-3/8” L x 7” H
  • Height with the hood included is 16-3/4”
  • Litter area surface is 14” x 14” square


The ScoopFree comes with 90 days money back guarantee and 1-year product replacement guarantee. If your cat can’t adjust to crystal litter in three months, just return the product.

The Good

  • No need to touch and scoop the litter
  • Disposable trays are easy to change
  • Trays should be changed only ones in 20-30 days if you have one cat
  • Premium Blue Crystal Litter absorbs the urine quickly and controls the odor
  • Health counter will inform you how often a cat used the auto litter box
  • There will be much less litter dust around the unit
  • Cleaning cycle lasts under the one minute
  • Rake is carefully designed and have a cat-safe shape
  • Long power cable

The Bad

  • If you have more than two cats, it is recommended to have more than one box
  • Cats like to dig and create piles, so it can stop the rake from functioning properly
  • The litter area can be a bit small for larger cats
  • If the cats are used to classic litter, it might take some time for them to accommodate to the crystal litter
  • Softer waste can sometimes get stuck in the rake



scoopfree litter box
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Cleaning the litter box has never been easier. The ScoopFree will change your unpleasant daily task into an easy monthly routine. Plus, you will not have to touch the dirty litter and scoop the clumps and waste. Once in 20-30 days, when it’s time to change the tray, lift the upper part of the unit, remove the cartridge, cover it and throw it away. Then slide under another tray with fresh crystal and that’s it. You will be able to forget about your cats’ litter box during next few weeks, except when you check the health counter. Just set the rake delay to 5, 10 or 15 minutes, and fully automated cleaning cycle will take care of everything. No more odor, litter dust and dirty work in your house.

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