Littermaid LM580 (for a  single cat) Review


If you are a workaholic and a cat lover, you might feel bad after adopting a cat because you don’t spend enough time with her. But, since kitties sleep about 17 hours a day, she probably won’t even notice that you are away. She will just lay around, play with her toys and then sleep again. Until it is time to poop.

Cats are very clean animals, and she might become frustrated if her litter box is dirty. She might even do it somewhere else, or even worse, wait for you to come home. Delaying of her physiological needs can lead to serious health problems. That is why you need a little help from Littermaid LM580 for a single cat household.

This is self cleaning litter box which will automatically separate litter clumps into a waste compartment. That way, the refuse will be locked, bad smells won’t be able to get out and the litter pan will always be clean. Most important of all, your kitty will be happy while you are not at home.

This product is also suitable for elderly people, pregnant women or busy cat owners that just don’t have time to take care of shitty business! If you don’t like to touch the dirt, you should definitely consider getting Littermaid LM580 (for a single cat).

Product description

Littermaid Lm580 classic single cat litter box
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The Littermaid LM580 (single cat) is an amazing product that will take care of your cat’s “toilet”needs, so you don’t have to. When the product arrives, just fill it up with any high-quality clumping litter and plug it in. Watch the fill line for the optimal amount of cat litter. Then, when your kitty goes, dual motion sensors will activate the timer.

After 10 minutes the cleaning cycle will start. A plastic rake will go through the litter and remove formed clumps into the special waste receptacle. When the rake gets back to the starting position, the box can be used again.

One of the main concerns of every cat owner would be your cat’s safety. That is why the Littermaid LM580 has safety bar built-in. If the kitty gets into the box while the rake is active, the cleaning cycle will stop. Rake will return to its neutral position. As an additional safety measure, the timer is set to reset when feline steps into the pan during the countdown.

This automatic cat box will also keep your house clean and odor-free. It has high side walls which will prevent the litter granules from getting out while the kitty digs. Also, it has a carbon filter on the waste receptacle. It will neutralize bad smells and keep them inside.

Littermaid LM580 Classic
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The Littermaid LM580 (single cat) is suitable for felines whose weight does not exceed 15 pounds. If you plan to go on a one-week trip you will be able to travel carefree knowing that your kitty always has a clean litter. Since the waste compartment is quite big, you won’t have to change it more than once in 5-7 days.

The Littermaid LM580 works with an AC adapter and it needs electric power in order to start the cleaning cycle. However, there is an option to use backup batteries in the case of power outage. You will need 8 AA batteries. If you need to reset the machine, just press one of two reset buttons. Also, plastic rake is removable so it can be washed separately.

The downside of this automatic kitty litter box is that the quality of the litter will determine the efficiency of the raking.

If the litter won’t form hard clumps, some pieces of dirt might fall apart and mix with the rest of the clean litter. That is why it is important to use only high-quality clumping cat litter. Also, if your kitty likes to use corners, you might need to scoop from there manually.

But, kitties usually mix the litter while digging, so this will be picked up the next time she goes. Littermaid LM580 is not suitable for households with more than one cat.


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  • Littermaid LM580 (single cat) has dual motion sensors. They will activate the unit automatically 10 minutes after the feline leaves the pan.
  • If you have one cat, you will have to change the waste receptacle only once per 5-7 days
  • High side walls will keep the litter inside
  • Carbon filters on the waste receptacles will neutralize bad smells
  • Comes with 4 spare carbon filters, 4 spare waste receptacles, and a scooper
  • Works with AC adapter or with 8 AA backup batteries
  • AC adapter is also included in the price
  • Two reset buttons
  • Plastic rake
  • Fill line will help you to pour the right amount of litter
  • Color: combination of taupe green and tan
  • Dimensions: 17.2 inches W x 9.3 inches H x 24.3 inches L
  • Pan dimensions: 14 inches W x 14 inches L
  • Shipping weight: 12.6 pounds


Littermaid LM580 (single cat)comes with full one-year warranty. Also, customer support is available by calling a free 800-number. They will help you out with installation and other service problems, if necessary.

The Good

  • You can be away for the entire week without the need to worry about your cat’s litter
  • This electric litter box will activate automatically after your kitty leaves the unit
  • Littermaid LM580 (single cat)is safe for your cat. It has safety bar built-in.
  • Cats are easily being accustomed to this product, since it resembles a normal litter box
  • Rake is removable, so it is easy to clean.
  • Has a backup battery option in the case of a power outage. You can use rechargeable batteries.
  • Suitable for fussy cats because it works with any clumping litter brand
  • Your house will be odor free thanks to the carbon filter on the waste receptacle
  • High walls on the sides will keep the litter inside while the cat digs. There will be less litter mess on the floor.
  • Can be activated manually, if you want additional scooping

The bad

  • Not large enough to be used for multiple cats.
  • Not suitable for felines that weigh more than 15 pounds.
  • Might not be very efficient if your cat has diarrhea or if you use low-quality cat litter.


The Littermaid LM580 (single cat) will make sure that your kitty always has a clean place to relieve while you are not at home. Also, if you don’t like to touch the poop, it will do all the dirty work for. Check it out on Amazon.

you. This amazing automatic litter box will separate the waste into a special compartment with the carbon filter. The filter will neutralize the odor and prevent the bad smells from getting out. The built-in timer will activate the rake 10 minutes after the cat leaves the tray. Also, if you want additional cleaning, you can start the cleaning cycle manually.

Manufacturers of Littermaid LM580  won’t leave anything to the case. Although this self cleaning litter box works on electric current, it also has backup batteries so it works even when there is a power outage.

The only thing that you should do is to change the waste receptacle once in about 5-7 days and to change the entire litter once in a while. Since this automatic cat box looks like the normal one, your kitty will accept it easily. And, since it has the safety bar, you won’t have to worry that your kitty will get hurt if she enters during the cleaning cycle. This product is safe, durable and easy to maintain.

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